Jeff Bauer

Keyboard Concepts VP in Transition

Southern California-based Keyboard Concepts, announced the departure of Vice President Jeff Falgien on June 1.

Dennis Hagerty, founder and president of Keyboard Concepts, and Falgien opened their first store in 1983, growing Keyboard Concepts into a four-outlet franchise. "We succeeded through hard work, business savvy, great products, good locations and more than a little luck," Hagerty said.

Falgien cited family is the reason for his decision, stating his desire to be closer to his daughter, who recently had a baby. "My wife Cheri and I will be heading back to our Midwest roots after all these years of watching our Keyboard Concepts family grow," he said. "Now we get to watch the first of what we hope to be many more grandchildren grow."

Jeff Bauer, manager for Keyboard Concepts in Santa Monica, California, has been appointed vice president of sales by Hagerty. Bauer will augment Falgien's sales management role until he leaves the company in approximately six months and then will work in tandem with another future addition who will handle operations.

"Since joining the Keyboard Concepts family in 1997, Jeff Bauer has become an integral part of our goal of providing top-quality new and used pianos to our varied and highly distinguished clientele," Hagerty said. "After 23 years with us, Jeff Bauer is the perfect addition for taking on some of Jeff Falgien's duties and for bringing some new elements into the fold. Both Bauer and Falgien have been dedicated to sales, service and support excellence. And, to make the transition easier, I get to keep using the same first name."