Music Trades Halts Print Publication; Transitions to Data, Market Research

Music Trades, the 130-year old trade magazine serving the musical products industry, has halted publication of its monthly magazine.

In a letter to readers and advertisers, Music Trades' owners Brian and Paul Majeski said the company will transition to a digital-only subscription service providing the music industry with data, market research and analysis.

"With the industry upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are convinced that this type of data is more important than ever," the Majeskis said in the letter. "After a decade of steady sales growth and modest shifts in market share, company managers could be forgiven for assuming that the music industry was stable and predictable. Three months of lockdowns have effectively shattered those assumptions. What people are buying and where they are buying it have abruptly changed. Are these shifts long lasting or will there be a return to normalcy when the disease subsides? We don't have the answers, but real-time data from Music Trades will offer much needed clarity and guidance as events unfold."

Founded in 1890, Music Trades is under its third generation of ownership by the Majeski family. John Francis Majeski, Sr., purchased the magazine in 1910, serving as its publisher until his death in 1971. John Francis Majeski, Jr., who passed away in 2011, took over the family business and served as the editor and publisher until the 1980s before turning those duties over to his sons. Brian Majeski has served as the magazine's editor since 1982. Paul Majeski has served as its publisher since 1985.

Music trades had just six editors and seven publishers throughout the entirety of its 130-year history as a monthly trade magazine.