Jody Espina


In an effort to help its retail partners unable to function normally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, JodyJazz has launched the Dealer Covid-19 Direct Sales Advocacy Program.

JodyJazz will seek to compensate its dealers for any direct sales received on the JodyJazz website during the crisis. The program includes all retailers who are currently part of the JodyJazz authorized dealer network both in the U.S. and overseas and relates to direct sales made on

All JodyJazz products are currently available for purchase on the website at the full U.S. MSRP. Purchasers on the site will be prompted to name the music retailer from whom they would normally be making their purchase. If that retailer is part of the JodyJazz authorized dealer network, JodyJazz will then compensate that dealer for the markup amount from standard dealer prices for that product.

The program begins effective immediately and will extend to such time when the epidemic may reasonably be considered to have subsided with most dealers once more open for business.

"We want to champion our retail partners to the greatest degree possible during these deeply troubling times," said Jody Espina, founder and president of JodyJazz. "Like all small businesses, we are facing unprecedented challenges due to the health crisis. But now more than ever in the music products industry, we appreciate that we are all part of the same ecosystem. When this terrible situation passes, and it will pass, it will be so important for all of us that our retail partners get back up on their feet again as quickly as possible. This program is our contribution to help make that happen."

In accordance with Georgia statewide guidelines, JodyJazz is able to maintain minimum basic operations. The company is following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and national and local governments to take extra precautions to ensure both its employees and customers are protected. The number of staff at any one time in its facility has been reduced to ensure optimum social distancing and additional cleaning, disinfection and sanitation regimens have been implemented. Orders are still being processed and its factory remains operational.