From left: Steven L. Rorie, Rocco (Rocky) Giglio

JJ Babbitt Company Names New President

Steven L. Rorie has joined the JJ Babbitt Company as president effective Dec. 2.

Rorie brings over 35 years of music industry experience to the position. He got his start at the Selmer Company, a major producer of musical instruments in Elkhart, Indiana. During 28 years at Selmer, he worked at their Vincent Bach, Ludwig Drum and Main Street Woodwind divisions. In 2002, Rorie became operations manager and minority partner at B&B Molders, an injection molding plastics firm. In 2009, he joined EK Blessing, Sonare Wind Division of VQ Powell Flutes, where he developed a new factory. Rorie then joined American Way Marketing and B&S USA with responsibility for instrument sales. Most recently, he was a business development manager with KHS America in the sales of student, intermediate and professional wind instruments.

"I've always had a deep appreciation for what our industry does and its history," Rorie said. "It's not a big industry, but it's important in the lives of many people. We are part of something special."

He stressed the importance of interpersonal relationships in business. "When you invest yourself in people, the returns far outweigh the effort," he said.