DW Purchases Slingerland From Gibson

Drum Workshop has purchased the historic drum company Slingerland from Gibson. DW will release a new generation of Slingerland instruments next year.

"No question Slingerland is one of the great American drum brands," said DW President and CEO Chris Lombardi. "It's also near and dear to my father's heart. He played Slingerland, as did many of his friends and fellow drummers. The history is undeniable."

Slingerland Drums is often associated with legendary jazz drummers, particularly Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Gibson purchased the company in the late '70s.

"In recent months we've been working really hard to put the Slingerland brand and that amazing drum essence into the right hands," said Gibson CEO James "J.C." Curleigh. "I'm really proud and pleased to say that DW is now the owner of Slingerland."