Sync2Sell Software for Reverb Launches

Sync2Sell, a software that lets retailers sync the Lightspeed point-of-sale program with, launched Aug. 7.

Justin Sims, who helped create Sync2Sell, said he hadn't planned to offer the software as a product until the team at Reverb informed him there were many retailers who needed to integrate their inventory, which led to Sync2Sell being developed.

"We worked with a developer to build easy-to-use, strong, stable and fast integration," Sims said. "Now we'll be able to basically allow customers to subscribe to the service — it lifts all their inventory in literally seconds."

After Sims Music switched to the Lightspeed point-of-sale software three years ago, Sims preferred the program to others available to retailers, but he noticed there were difficulties using once the business began using the e-commerce platform.

"It was a pain to manually load things, upload spreadsheets and things like that," Sims said. "There was no integration available for Reverb and Lightspeed software."

To solve the problem, Sims teamed up with a friend working in furniture retail who created software technologies to link his inventory to different marketplaces.

From there, the two worked with a developer to create the program that would integrate Sims Music's inventory with Reverb. Sims said the integration software greatly improved his sales on the platform.

"We turned it on, and our Reverb sales went up about 700 percent basically overnight, and they stayed strong pretty much from that point for [nearly] a year," Sims said. "We've never really had a big presence in the online world. All of a sudden, we're shipping out 10 things a day sometimes."

Aabesh De, Reverb's sales engineer, emphasized the need to make processes efficient in e-commerce with software like Sync2Sell.

"Especially on a global platform like Reverb, e-commerce is 24/7, so the ability to automate processes is crucial. A Lightspeed integration with Reverb allows our sellers to list more gear quicker, avoid double sales and save time because they're not manually adjusting every single order," De stated. "We've seen shops increase their sales by more than 200 percent through these integrations. Less time on manual entry, more sales and more instruments in the hands of more music lovers? That's a win-win-win."

Sims said he plans to expand to other platforms and point-of-sale systems, independent of Sims Music, after seeing the effect the software has had on his store's e-commerce sales.

"We're going to be releasing an integration with eBay, and we're going to be offering custom builds for people," Sims said. "We're basically going to try and carry over to the other point of sales, kind of like a one-stop-shop."

— By Tyra Bosnic