PMC Announces 'Last Call' for Vans Warped Tour

The Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) is offering retailers a chance to partner with Vans Warped Tour to promote the benefits of drums and drumming to the attendees that gather at each tour city.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for any percussion retailer to grow their customer base," said Billy Cuthrell, PMC's Vans Warped Tour Lesson Lab program director. "We have been collaborating with the Vans Warped Tours for over six years and encourage any educational-minded music retailer to host a PMC first-free drum lesson tent operation within their regional market."

According to a company statement, the partnership between the PMC and Vans Warped Tour is founded on the PMC's nonprofit status, bringing an educational element to the summer concerts while offering local participating drum retailers the opportunity to connect with the youth market to create new players and customers.

The PMC promotes that alliance to retailers as a free process. Once the hosting retailer's date and venue is confirmed, the Lesson Lab pop-up tent is scheduled to ship directly to the store free of charge along with supporting collateral materials. At the event, the local hosting percussion retailer will provide free first-five-minute drum lessons to any attendee that signs up. The number of drum lessons given in one day could range from 70 to over 100, according to the statement.

"It's a win for the retailer on all fronts," Cuthrell added. "While getting your business's name out in front of thousands of loyal music devotees, you're also supporting your local community. Just by bringing plenty of your store's business cards, hanging your large store banner within the free drum lesson tent and having promotional/educational store materials to hand out, you are going to get attention and customers."

The PMC is encouraging retailers to go to to check for current tour dates and contact Cuthrell at to reserve their tour date and location. Once confirmed, registrants will receive a confirmation and planning tips/FAQ sheet.