Hurricane Maria Update

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall, at least a dozen MI retailers have reopened in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

According to Facebook, Agape Music, Baldorioty Music, Bethel Music & Sound, Carlos Weber Music Center, Fonava Music, GJM Sound, Guitars Boutique, Micheo Music, Music Access Store, Rosado Music and Spec's Music have opened their doors.

With widespread destruction on the Caribbean island, relief efforts are underway.

Agape Music has started a GoFundMe page for the restoration of Puerto Rico. Thus far, $85 have been raised with a goal of $50K.

In the U.S., Sammy Ash, the chief operating officer of Sam Ash Music, sent a company-wide email on Sept. 27 requesting the Sam Ash Music team to band together and gather disaster relief resources for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

"At this time, Sam Ash Music must turn its eyes to the humanitarian efforts for our countrymen and women and their families in Puerto Rico," the email stated. "All of you did a wonderful job in helping in the Houston effort; now we have a new and potentially bigger challenge to attend to."

The instructions included setting aside a place for drop off of non-perishables to then deliver to the American Red Cross, requesting for clinic attendees to bring canned goods that Sam Ash can pack and ship, announcing at weekly open mic nights that Sam Ash Music will be a drop off center for such goods, and other incentives. Several stores are planning blood drives as well.

"As New Yorkers, we had a unique view to the influx and influence of the Puerto Rican community and its contribution to our culture and especially in music," Ash wrote in the email. "The modern Puerto Rican sound was developed and refined in Manhattan and the boroughs of New York City. We owe it to them as well as any culture for the success of our company."

Sam Ash Music is also amassing playable instruments and unused samples for the donation effort, although this incentive will take at least month to complete. MI

Music Inc. will update the story when more information becomes available.

— By Kasia Fejklowicz & Alex Harrell