From left: Steve Curto, MXL's national sales manager; Chris Tso, Marshall's business development executive; and Phil Tennison, Mogami's product manager of the cable connector division.


Mogami, Sweetwater Partner Up

Mogami announced that Sweetwater will be the strategic launch partner for Mogami's CorePlus cable series during a joint press release with MXL Microphones.

"I have been with Mogami for 19.5 years now, so everything we have on display is kind of my baby in a very real sense," said Phil Tennison, Mogami's product manager of the cable/connector division. "And for all those years, [many dealers] have been [asking] for less expensive [cables] so the schools, the facilities, the bands and the clubs can afford to buy them, yet still have the Mogami quality."

After a two year process, Tennison said, Mogami was able to release a product that fit these specific standards: the CorePlus.

"The code name for the product became CorePlus," he said. "We struggled with that name, but I like it because the core is the center — where the good stuff is."

According to Phil Rich, Sweetwater's vice president of merchandising, this partnership has been a long time coming.

"Sweetwater enjoys a position in the marketplace where we can sell premium products, and this is a premium product," Rich said. "We think it's going to make a great product across the entire customer base at a great price point and at Mogami quality, which speaks for itself."

Also announced at the event were three new mics released by MXL Microphones by the company's newly appointed National Sales Manager Steve Curto: the 770X, CR20 and DX-2.

Mogami is distributed exclusively in North America by Marshall Electronics, which MXL Microphones is a division of.