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Sam Ash Remodels, Expands Music Lessons Business

Sam Ash Music upgraded several of its stores over the past year. Most recently, the chain retailer redesigned its Ontario Mills, Calif., location.

According to Sammy Ash, company COO, the Ontario Mills store now features a 55-foot accessory counter in the middle of the showroom. This creates more room in the guitar department and allows for an expansion of the Guitars of Distinction section. The greeter desk has been removed.

“Our accessory business was always good, but now, it went through the roof,” Ash said of the counter. “It also added a couple of [gross profit] points.”

The accessory counter in the drum department was expanded, as well, and new String Swing displays let more drums and accessories hang on the walls.

“We believe in this business and its future, so we can’t afford to look shabby,” Ash said. “Whenever we do this, our customers always thank us. After all, we are doing it for their shopping experience. When things do come back, we will be ready, and we will still be investing in our stores.”

He added that Sam Ash Music began expanding its music lessons business roughly nine months ago. Thirteen Sam Ash Music stores are currently outfitted with teaching studios.

“My goal is to get to 25 this time next year,” Ash said.