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NAMM Eliminates Eight Jobs

NAMM has announced the elimination of eight jobs in an effort to better manage its costs and balance its budget.

The economic downturn and slow recovery period have impacted NAMM members as well as the international music products industry. In 2009, facing an estimated 17 percent overall decrease in U.S. industry sales, NAMM members reduced marketing costs including trade show spending, therefore reducing NAMM’s income.

“During the historic economic downturn, and in this slow recovery period, our members cut costs in every aspect of their businesses,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “We support those decisions and understand that our members’ long-term success is our number-one goal. And given these industry changes, it’s important that NAMM is sized correctly for our income levels so the association can continue to fulfill our mission and create more music makers.”

Following the reduction, NAMM currently has 63 full-time employees plus five full-time employees at the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music. Prior to reducing staff, NAMM worked to reduce its fixed costs and overhead in all areas without negatively impacting member services or programs. During this past fiscal year, NAMM’s trade shows, government relations, music education advocacy, market development, public relations, grants and scholarships, and member service program budgets have remained strong.