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Waves Wins Two Lawsuits

Waves Audio recently won a lawsuit it filed against New York-based Reckless Music d.b.a. Skyline Recording Studios NYC and won a second lawsuit where the defendant, Quad Recording Studios, admitted liability regarding the illegal use of Waves software.

“This is a tremendous victory for the studio recording industry and Waves, in particular,” said Guy Weiss, Waves’ attorney from the law firm Adorno & Yoss. “The courts are serious about protecting the rights of copyright holders, whether they are singers and musicians or the software companies that allow the recording industry to mix and record their music.”

In the Skyline Recording Studios case, the jury found that Waves had valid copyrights and that the defendant infringed on those copyrights. According to Weiss, a recording studio is responsible for the copyright infringement committed by its employees, independent contractors or customers.

In the Quad Studios case, the defendant admitted liability. As part of the settlement, Quad’s owner committed to run a 100-percent crack-free studio in the future.

“The judgments obtained in these two court cases should send a targeted message to all users of illegal software that Waves is very serious about defending its rights and will continue to fight against the use of cracked software,” said Gilad Keren, CEO of Waves. “In the long-term, illegal software does not benefit anyone as it hurts not just Waves but all developers and manufacturers of software products, including their distributors, retail partners and, of course, loyal customers.”