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Music Lesson Outlook

Marlo Plastics, a music binder and plastics supplier, recently surveyed its music product customers on music lesson trends. It released the results on March 25.

Musicians, music educators and music retailers were all surveyed. Among individual musicians, 100 percent said they had taken music lessons at some point in their lives. Many took lessons through school or private instruction.

Only 13 percent of the surveyed respondents were educators, and the group was split between vocal and brass instructors. Eighty percent of educators belonged to an organization or institution that had a music program. Twenty percent said their organizations had no music lesson programs.

The largest group surveyed was music retailers. Fifty-two percent said they offered lessons while 43 percent did not. Ninety percent of those who had lesson programs said they’d made some type of recent improvement to the program.

The majority of retailers offering lessons reported that teachers required or requested products from them. The No. 1 request was sheet music, followed by accessories. The majority of dealers also noted that while income from lessons only covered expenses, their students tended to purchase more products than non-students.

“Care has been taken to provide anonymity and facilitate an unbiased method of obtaining the music lesson information,” said Arthur Livingston, president of Marlo Plastics, in a statement about the survey. “The survey was designed to provide information to music retailers for general feedback from individuals and educators, and other music retailers and their policy towards music lessons programs. It is a hope that this survey will help to possibly further discussions about music lessons programs both for the present and the future.” MI