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Yamaha America Shifts from Top

Yamaha Corp. of America (YCA) announced massive organizational changes today mainly in the form of shifting upper management. Effective April 2, YCA President Yoshi Doi will assume new duties as general manager and executive officer of the Domestic Sales & Marketing Division of Yamaha Corp. of Japan.


Succeeding Doi will be Hogan Osawa, who is currently serving as president of Yamaha Electronics Corp. (YEC). From 1990–2001, Osawa was based in Europe, working in both Germany and the United Kingdom. He was named president of YEC in 2003.

“I am proud of the changes we made to improve YCA’s competitive posture under very difficult market conditions,” Doi said. “During my tenure, we improved our company’s systems, practices, processes and competencies in many key areas. The Yamaha brand has grown stronger in the face of some of the most challenging competition we have ever experienced.”

In addition to a new president, the following organizational changes have also been made:

• Terry Lewis, currently senior vice president of YCA Music Marketing Group will become executive vice president of YCA.
• Tom Sumner, currently vice president and general manager of the Pro Audio and Combo (PAC) Division, will be promoted to president of YEC.
• Brian Jemelian, currently YCA corporate vice president, Finance and Administration, will be promoted to senior vice president, Finance and Administration.
• Rick Young, currently vice president/general manager of the Band and Orchestral (B&O) Division, will become corporate vice president of YCA and general manager of the PAC Division.
• Jay Schreiber, currently assistant general manager of the B&O Division, will succeed Young as B&O general manager.
• Paul Calvin, currently general manager of the Piano Division, will be promoted to vice president and general manager of that division.
• Karren Salter, currently general manager of the Customer Financial Services Division, will become vice president and general manager of that division.
• Miki Yoshimori, currently general manager of the Yamaha Music Education Systems (YMES) Division, will return to Japan to assume a new position with the Yamaha Music Foundation in Tokyo.
• Mike Morrell, currently marketing and planning manager for YMES, will become the new department manager of that division.
• YCA’s Consumer Products Division will become a department of the PAC division.