Donovan Bankhead

Springfield Music President Launches Podcast

Donovan Bankhead, president of Springfield Music and owner of Music Retail Consulting, has started a new podcast catering to MI retailers. The "Music Retail Podcast" launched May 27 and featured an interview with NAMM Top 100 Dealer and award winner Tim Spicer of Spicer's Music in Auburn, Alabama.

"Podcasts have become so popular in our culture today, and I listen to them daily, but I was disappointed that there weren't more podcasts that focused on small and medium retailers, so I decided to do something about it," Donovan said.

And while the topics and interviews are all focused on music retail, he said retailers of all genres would learn something from listening.

"What makes our industry so unique is that it has pieces of so many other industries: retail, services (lessons and repair), rentals — it's an amalgamation of public and institutional sales, similar to other businesses outside of our industry," he said.

Several episodes are already available, with more on the way. Donovan said his goal is to add two or three new episodes per month.

"If folks like what they hear, it would help tremendously if they would subscribe and also leave a review. It helps to spread the word so that more folks can find it," he said.

Listeners can find the podcast by searching for "Music Retail Podcast" in any podcast app, or listen on the web at