Tri-Technical Systems Partners with Reverb

Tri-Technical Systems has partnered with Reverb to bring its point-of-sale software to the website.

The streamlined exchange between Tri-Technical Systems' AIMsi v12, a point of sale and business software for music retailers, and Reverb will omit the need for manual entry by syncing customers, inventory, products and orders.

The integration will let music retailers create product listings within AIMsi and pull sales from Reverb to manage inventory. Retailers will be able to create or update draft or live inventory listings on Reverb from AIMsi. Reverb sales can be pulled into AIMsi and created as either invoices or orders in the AIMsi Purchase Order module for processing and fulfillment. Inventory updates are synced between AIMsi and Reverb.

"We are extremely excited retailers will now be able to manage their Reverb listing and sales directly from within the AIMsi software," said Pat Murphy, president of Tri-Technical Systems. "This will save retailers considerable time and allow for accurate inventory across multiple sales channels.",