From left, Russ, Gayle and Sue Beacock.

Beacock Music Expands in Oregon

Beacock Music in Vancouver, Washington, has opened its second location in Eugene, Oregon, Aug. 1.

Co-owner Gayle Beacock said the opening date was just in time to prepare for the school year as the new location will primarily be a band and orchestra school services store.

"We are stocking heavily in band and orchestra step-up instruments and accessories and a pretty good-sized repair shop," Beacock said about the services at the new location.

Beacock explained she and co-owner and brother, Russ, decided to open the new location after realizing the area would be deprived of a similar service once the owner of Pacific Winds in Eugene retired.

"We just really saw the need, and the market opportunities were open," Beacock said.

At 3,400 square feet, the Eugene location is much smaller than the flagship's 20,000-square-foot space, leaving no room for some services the Vancouver location has, such as the Beacock Music Education Center.

Beacock explained there has been emphasis on keeping the two locations connected through both aesthetics and culture despite the differences in service.

"We spent a lot of time making the connection between the two stores even though they're completely different in size," Beacock said. "We spent a lot time on the interior making it connect so we have our same culture and same vibe in the new location."

While her brother remains at the flagship location, Beacock will be living in Eugene for the next year to oversee the store's operations.

"I will actually be running [the Eugene] location to get it off the ground and make sure that store has the same Beacock Music culture Russ and I spend a lot of time on," Beacock said.

Beacock said the goal with the expansion is to fill a void in the area.

"We think that there are a lot of rentals and step-ups. We think that market has been underserved for many years," Beacock said. "When we go into schools, we see a lot of student horns, and we have the systems in place to get step-up horns in their hands, and that's what we're going to do."