Schedule of Events
All sessions are held at the NAMM Idea Center, booth 453, unless otherwise noted
All TEC Tracks sessions will be held at booth 153.

Thursday, June 28

8:30– 9:30 A.M.
Retail Innovators
Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM, and guests
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
The future of retail is right now. Online commerce grows more personalized every day, virtual and augmented reality could become part of business as usual, and consumers are crave cases, disrupting the industry as we know it. Don't miss this kick-off to Summer NAMM, and discover what it means to succeed in the new normal. (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first-served basis from 8– 8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
5 Essential Strategies to Grow Your Lessons
Melissa Loggins, Music Authority
In the past decade, Melissa Loggins of Music Authority has seen signups and retention skyrocket in her music lesson program. Here, she'll share the five strategies that made this happen. Discover how to grow your own lesson program by implementing these simple but critical concepts. She'll cover everything from hosting effective student performance opportunities to creating stronger bonds with parents to the importance of the front desk. (This one can make or break you.) Don't let your lesson program become stagnant. Get on a fast track to more signups!

Keynote: Technology and the Future of the Music Industry
Craig Anderton
Twenty-three years ago, and four years before Napster, Craig Anderton predicted that on-demand music delivered online would replace physical media. Thirty-seven years ago, in an AES white paper, he predicted the rise of what we now call EDM and the technology that would make it possible. What's next? Here's your chance to see the future.

11:00 A.M.
Instagram Tips to Drive Engagement, Traffic and Sales

Jenn Herman, social media strategist
The best way to grow your business on Instagram is to give your customers and audience more of what they want. But how do you know what they want? You look at your analytics! In this jam-packed session, presented by the world's leading Instagram blogger, Jenn Herman, you'll discover what to look for specifically in your Instagram analytics to create content that drives more engagement, website traffic and sales. Find out what data matters most and how to interpret that data to build a powerful platform with Instagram. A not-to-miss NAMM Idea Center session from the author of Instagram for Business for Dummies.

Crafting a Hit Record
Chandra Lynn (moderator), Andrew Mendelson, Steve Marcantonio, Jeffrey Steele and Tony Brown
It gets harder and harder to create a hit record, as the variables increase and the unknowns escalate. But certain requirements are still essential for this miraculous event to occur. This multi-platinum, multi-Grammy panel will discuss how the songwriter, producer, engineer and mastering engineer can work together to set the stage for a smash hit.

11:30 A.M.
5 Tips for a Successful Website in an Amazon World
Sean Roylance, Rain Retail Software
Amazon has changed the face of retail, but that doesn't mean you can't have a highly competitive website and music retail business. In this eye-opening session, Sean Roylance, founder of Rain Retail Software, will reveal what several retailers are doing with their websites to not just hold their ground but also grow their in-store and online businesses in an Amazon world. Walk away with clear steps you can take to step up your website game in this hyper-competitive, always-changing retail environment.

12 P.M.
Innovative Store Design Ideas From Top 100 Dealers
Tim Spicer, Spicer's Music (moderator) and panel
Want an inside look at some of the most innovative store design concepts in music retail? Join moderator Tim Spicer of Spicer's Music and a panel of NAMM Top 100 retailers as they reveal their best store design and merchandising ideas. Get an up-close look at their showrooms, and find out how you can apply innovative ideas to your own store design. Discover new ways to deliver a "wow" factor when customers walk in, and keep them coming back.

The New MIDI for a New Generation of Project Studios
Joseph Akins (moderator), John Kurzweg, Ryan Prewett and Scott Gerow
The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) has been around for 35 years. This panel will take a look at the current status of how MIDI is used in the project studio. Topics will include virtual instruments, MIDI controllers, DAWs, musical applications, computer platforms and requirements.

12:30 P.M.
Facebook 2018: What Works Now, What Doesn't
Jenn Herman, social media strategist
If you've noticed your Facebook traffic drop recently, you're not alone. Facebook has rolled out major changes this year, and using outdated marketing tactics will cost you. Don't let your posts go unseen! Join leading social media authority Jenn Herman for this must-see session. Instead of worrying about decreasing organic reach, get the tactics that work right now to keep Facebook engagement high and drive results. No matter the size of your Facebook audience, you can surpass the competition by using concepts from this presentation.

1 P.M.
The Secrets of Successful Lesson Programs
Cindy and Rand Cook, The Candyman Strings & Things (moderators); Mike and Miriam Risko, Mike Risko Music; and Robin Sassi and Kimberly Deverell, San Diego Music Studio
What's the X factor in successful music lesson programs? How do the savviest lesson studio operators handle the most common issues — makeup lessons, retaining students and new signups? Go behind the scenes and find out at this fast-moving panel with three music-lesson rock stars, all NAMM Top 100 Dealers: moderators Cindy and Rand Cook of The Candyman Strings & Things, Mike and Miriam Risko of Mike Risko Music, and Robin Sassi and Kimberly Deverell of San Diego Music Studio. They'll dive into pro tips and honest advice, everything you wish you knew about successful programs but never asked, and critical lessons learned along the way. Don't miss a chance to hear the best practices from three music lesson leaders.

P&E Wing Presents: Getting Paid and Credited — Lessons in Self Preservation
Jeff Balding (moderator) and panel
There was a time in the music industry when album credits were second nature and easily found with vinyl record and CD packaging. With the streaming and downloading of music in recent years, there has been a steep decline in credit delivery and access. As a musician, singer, songwriter, producer or engineer, your credits most likely influence your ability to get your next gig, and they're also how you are identified for royalties. Come hear how crediting is back in the forefront and how you can take advantage of it.

1:30 P.M.
How to Maximize Your Local Traffic With Google
Liz Jostes, Eli | Rose Social Media
Your Google My Business listing is critical for getting local search results and sales. But are you making the most of your listing? In this session, online marketing expert Liz Jostes of Eli | Rose Social Media will show you the different features of your Google My Business listing and how to take advantage of each one. Get next-level ideas to drive traffic and sales with Google.

2 P.M.
The Most Dangerous Things Music Retailers Do
Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co.
Music retailers often make unintended but grave mistakes in running their businesses, whether they're veterans, newcomers, independents or chains. Don't let your business suffer because you've accidentally fallen into any of these traps. These mistakes can be prevented with a little awareness and proactive management. Here, music retail financial experts Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. will go into the vault and use their 30-plus years of experience in music retailing to share several of the most dangerous things music retailers do and, most importantly, offer advice for prevention. A must-see session for anyone in music retail.

Achieving Quality Sound for FOH
John Mills
In this session, John Mills will go over techniques and tricks used by top FOH engineers. He'll take a very non-tech approach with many examples and discussions from the art and the science sides of mixing. He'll also discuss the correct way to measure sound pressure levels and the one trick to learn to hear exactly what frequencies you need to adjust to get the best sound from each instrument.

2:30 P.M.
5 Keys to Improve Your Online Rental Business
Peter Sides, Robert M. Sides Family Music
Online rentals can bolster your customer service, streamline operations and, not least of all, give business a lift. Robert M. Sides Family Music now does a third of its rentals online, and in this session, Peter Sides, company president, will share his best practices and lessons learned. He'll look at how current shopping trends affect the instrument rental process, then reveal ideas and tips to help improve your fall 2018 season. A must-attend half-hour for anyone in school music or running a rental operation.

3 P.M.
4 Steps for an Effective Social Media Program
Ben Blakesley, online and social marketing expert
Is your music business simply "doing social media," or are you using social media to achieve your objectives and increase your business? In this presentation, online and social marketing authority Ben Blakesley will walk you through the four steps required of any social media marketing program. Don't waste time and opportunity on ineffective tactics. Check out this session, and discover how to provide real value for your business.

Concert Sound for the Eagles
Mark Frink
For more than 40 years, America's favorite country-rock band, The Eagles, has set the standard for clean, clear live sound with brilliant harmonies and note-perfect performances. In this session, monitor engineer Mark Frink, fresh off an extended tour with the band, will share many of the band's tips and tricks for state-of-the-art live sound and reveal some amazing stories.

3:30 P.M.
Insider eBay Tips to Grow Your Business
Anne Hill, eBay, and James Adkins, Willcutt Guitars
Get essential tips, tools and tactics to improve your eBay business, straight from an eBay insider. Join Anne Hill, eBay's senior category manager for musical instruments, and find out how to take your sales to new heights. She'll be joined by successful eBay seller James Adkins of Willcutt Guitars, and together, they'll show you shortcuts for making the most of the buying and selling platform. A can't-miss half-hour for anyone using eBay.

4 P.M.
How to Host Offsite Events That Grow Your Business
Shawna Wingerberg, Antonio Violins, and Brandon Voorhees, Buddy Roger's Music
Want to expand your customer base? Then start by getting outside the four walls of your store. In this session, Shawna Wingerberg of Antonio Violins and Brandon Voorhees of Buddy Roger's Music will reveal how to host offsite events that can grow your business and your standing in the community. They'll share proven ideas and examples for events at non-traditional venues with non-traditional partners — events that tap into new markets and customers. Discover how to become the community hero. Go where your new customers are!

Women in the Music Industry: Changing the Conversation
Beverly Keel (moderator) and panel
Middle Tennessee State University professor Beverly Keel, chair of the university's Department of Recording Industry, has made waves on the national landscape as the outspoken co-founder of Change the Conversation, a coalition created, in part, to help change the way that women are perceived in the country music industry. In this panel, she and other high-profile women in music will discuss the changing landscape of gender equality issues in the music industry.

4:30 P.M.
Beyond Rock Camp: Plan Summer Music Camps That Break the Mold
Lindy Campbell, Music on the Hill, and Tim Spicer, Spicer's Music
Strumming the ukulele, belting out the latest Broadway hit and shredding on guitar — sounds like school's out! Summer music camps can turn the slowest months into a vibrant and profitable part of the calendar. Are you making the most of these events? Lindy Campbell of Music on the Hill and Tim Spicer of Spicer's Music will walk you through the steps for planning and executing summer camps for a variety of ages and musical genres. Discover the ins and outs of hosting successful camps, and take your summer from break-even to breakthrough!

5 P.M.
Pedalboards and Effects Boxes for Guitarists
Tiffany Christopher (moderator) and panel
This panel will open your eyes to new and exciting guitar effects for the stage and studio. Whether you're a guitarist or a studio or live sound engineer, you'll hear from the manufacturers of many of the most popular devices on the market about how to make a guitar fly, swim, explode or just fill that tasty groove. Tiffany Christopher will moderate.

5:30– 8 P.M.
American Eagle Awards
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
The annual event returns to Nashville and Summer NAMM, honoring jazz legends Chick Corea and The Manhattan Transfer. A welcome reception for all attendees kicks off the evening.


8:30– 9:30 A.M.
How To Become a Digital Powerhouse: 7 Steps to Online Transformation
Marcus Sheridan, marketing guru and partner at Impact
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
The digital consumer has changed business as we know it. What does this mean to the music products industry? How can your business keep up, and even lead, in this new reality? Following his standing-room-only session at The 2018 NAMM Show, international marketing thought leader Marcus Sheridan returns for a can't-miss NAMM U Breakfast Session. This time, Sheridan will reveal proven steps for turning a traditional organization into a powerhouse for this age of online marketing, e-commerce and disruptive technologies. Using examples from inside and outside the industry, he'll show how real companies, just like yours, are not only embracing the digital age but also dominating their industries. Find out how to create a digital culture throughout all levels of your company that builds your brand, your business and, most of all, your bottom line. (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first-served basis from 8– 8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
5 YouTube Power Users — and What You Can Learn From Them
Dan Abel, Reverb.com
YouTube is an invaluable tool for connecting with current and prospective customers, but it can also be intimidating if you don't know the ins and outs. Join Dan Abel, director of marketing for Reverb.com and former marketing manager at YouTube, and find out how to get the most from the video-sharing website. He'll highlight five creators who've mastered the art of YouTube and what they can show you about growing your own audience. Discover best practices, strategies and secrets of the most effective video marketers.

Studio Engineering Summit Featuring METAlliance
Jim Pace (moderator), Frank Filipetti and Elliot Scheiner
Day Two of TEC Tracks begins with our Studio Engineering Summit, four back-to-back sessions designed to provide an understanding of the realities of studio life. You'll hear forecasts of where it's heading and take a fond look back at some juicy studio stories, jokes and legends. The Summit is co-hosted by METAlliance, a forum of the industry's most experienced and respected recording veterans. This is a must-attend for anyone serious about his or her career in music recording. Get brought up to date on studio trends and technologies, learn insider tips and masterful techniques, and hear real-world advice for dealing with the important and ever-changing challenges. Bring your questions!

11 A.M.
Why Your Website Isn't Working — and What To Do About It
Catherine Brock, Inbound AV
Your website isn't performing, and you're not sure why — or what to do about it. Sound familiar? If so, join online marketing expert Catherine Brock of Inbound AV and get your website back on track. In this revealing session, Brock will help you identify once and for all the problems that are holding your website back. She'll also discuss practical next steps to make it work. Don't go down the rabbit hole of fixing website issues you may not even have. Take control of your website today! This session will appeal to everyone from full-blown e-commerce businesses to retailers with simple lead-generating sites.

11:30 A.M.
How You're Killing Your Lesson Program
Pete Gamber, Music Inc. magazine columnist and lessons expert
Most music lesson operators make inadvertent mistakes that slowly chip away at their lessons business. Left unattended, these can stunt growth and even kill a program. Don't let this happen to your lesson operation! In this eye-opening session, music lessons guru Pete Gamber will reveal the most insidious problems that affect lesson programs and show you how to spot them at your own business. He'll also offer proven solutions to these problems, so you can not only fix them but also prevent them from happening in the first place.

12 P.M.
New Ideas To Deliver a Mind-blowing Customer Experience
Michael and Leslie Faltin, Instrumental Music Center
Instrumental Music Center has won The Music & Sound Retailer magazine's Best Customer Service and Best Sales Staff awards, among others. Here, company owners Michael and Leslie Faltin will show how their staff consistently delivers an outstanding "tailored" experience to every customer, every time. In this high-energy half-hour, they'll discuss the changing landscape of the modern retail environment and specifics of what today's brick-and-mortars must do to capture consumers' attention. Be prepared to take notes. You'll get tons of easy-to-implement ideas to create an outstanding experience for your customers — the kind that brings them back time and time again!

Studio Owners Panel
Sharon Corbitt-House (moderator), Aubrey Preston and Juanita Copeland
Running a successful recording studio today requires technical knowledge, financial understanding, negotiating skills, musical training, trend awareness, marketing chops, a focused bravado and the patience and persistence of a top-flight babysitter. And nowhere in the world is that combination refined more to an entrepreneur's delight than in Music City itself. Sharon Corbitt, a 33-year Music Row veteran, has managed multiple recording studios, including Ocean Way Nashville, The Sound Kitchen and Grand Victor Sound (aka RCA Studio A). Her many current studio and community projects include All Good Factory with business partner Mike Kopp to manage Ben Folds' career and his diverse interests that involve photography, music education and music therapy. Corbitt will moderate this panel composed of several of Nashville's most talented, savvy and successful studio owners and operators. Come and get a clear picture of Nashville's studio landscape today and the factors driving change.

12:30 P.M.
Creative (and Effective) Store Design on a Dime
Mark Maxwell, Maxwell's House of Music
Looking for innovative and effective store design ideas that cost little to nothing? Then join Mark Maxwell, master visionary and head honcho of NAMM Top 100 Dealer Maxwell's House of Music, and get new, creative and even offbeat tips to upgrade the look and feel of your store. Maxwell has built a unique retail destination that drives traffic and sales, in large part, with its design and merchandising concepts. In this dynamic half-hour, he'll show how he did it. See examples of his most successful, eye-catching ideas, most of which were done for little to no cost. Find out what it means to you, and get ideas to start transforming your own store today.

1 P.M.
The Secrets to Surviving the Tough Months
Alan Friedman, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., and Bob Popyk, Music Trades Magazine columnist
We all have slow weeks (and months) from time to time, but sitting back and hoping things get better is not a viable plan. More often than not, each year's "make it or break it" is determined by what you do during the tough months. Join industry veterans Bob Popyk, Music Trades Magazine columnist, and Alan Friedman, a partner at Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., to discover creative and inventive ways to keep your costs down and profits up during the slow periods. Don't just wait for your luck to improve. Find out how to drive store traffic and sales when times get tough.

Future Of Studio Technology
Dan Daley (moderator) and panel
There have been several inflection points in the techno-history of music production, most notably the transition from analog to digital, but also an evolutionary series of tape and file formats. Where does music-production technology go next? Are smartphones viable production platforms? Are remote and virtual collaboration approaches workable? Join this genius panel, moderated by pro-audio writer Dan Daley, and explore these fundamental questions.

1:30 P.M.
4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Motivate and Empower Your Team
Will Mason, Mason Music
Do you ever feel as if there's a bottleneck at your store? Your staff is constantly coming to you with questions, complaints and concerns, and you start to develop "decision fatigue." (It's a real thing — look it up.) This is one of the biggest reasons businesses fail to grow. Don't be the lid on your organization! In this presentation, Will Mason of Mason Music will cover four basic but incredibly effective techniques that will help you better train and empower your team to run the business for you. Mason leads a team of 60 people at four different locations, and he attributes his company's growth to developing this team to lead. Discover how to step out of the daily grind and focus on the big picture, creating opportunity for long-term planning, goal setting and business growth.

2 P.M.
How to Create a Visual Identity on Instagram (Double Session)
Ben Blakesley, online and social marketing expert
You can't succeed on Instagram without compelling images. So how do you ensure all of your Instagram images are memorable — and that they portray your brand consistently? Join online and social marketing expert Ben Blakesley as he shares tactics for making your Instagram content effective, along with examples that you can use from successful brands. He'll cover why a visual identity matters, how to define what your brand looks like and helpful photography guidelines. A not-to-miss presentation for anyone interested in taking their Instagram marketing to new heights.

Archiving For Musicians and Labels
Barry Cardinael
Discover how professional archival facilities rescue audio from deteriorating tapes, keeping assets viable after tape becomes unplayable. Sending digital copies for mastering and mixing means no damage or mishaps to fragile tapes. Digital files can be electronically delivered, while assets are always safe and available.

3:00 P.M.
How To Host Unique and Profitable Store Events
Tony Colwell, Third Rock Music Center
In just three years, Third Rock Music Center has gone from retail startup to indie retail powerhouse. The secret to its growth? Hosting unique, traffic-generating and sales-driving events that build customer loyalty and create a community gathering place. In this session, Tony Colwell, general manager and partner at Third Rock Music Center, will share the keys to hosting successful retail events, covering everything from effectively differentiating your events to promoting them. He'll also show proven examples of store events that are both sales- and non-sales oriented. Find out how to take your events to the next level today!

How To Get The Best Performance out of a Vocalist In Your Recording Studio
Dave Tough (moderator), Laura Donohue, James Lugo, Kenny Royster and Ellen Tift Goebel
This panel is directed at engineers and producers who want to coach the best performance out of singers when recording with them. Topics covered will include microphone choice and placement, performance psychology, comping and tuning, and more.

3:30 P.M.
Time Management: Take Control of Your To-Do List
Sean Samson, Sean Samson Training
Time is distracting when you don't have a plan. So how do you get everything done — and, most importantly, get a lead on those projects you've been putting off? Find out at this exciting half-hour with Sean Samson, CEO of Sean Samson Training, as he delves into actionable and motivating concepts for better managing your life and business. You'll leave with new ideas for taking conscious control of your to-do list and discover how to break down your daily and weekly commitments to focus on saving time and money. Samson will even discuss how to use music to help create daily motivation for continued success. Take control of your focus today!

4 P.M.
New Trends in the Guitar (Double Session)
Laura B. Whitmore, Mad Sun Marketing, and panel
Where does the guitar stand in a digital world? In no uncertain terms, it's more prevalent than ever. And in this special Friday-afternoon session, you'll find out why. Laura B. Whitmore of Mad Sun Marketing will lead a group of guitar industry leaders through an insightful look at this cornerstone of the music industry. They'll discuss real ideas, tips and success stories focused on new trends in guitar design and performance. Find out what it means to you — and to everyone at Summer NAMM.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Installing Your Sound System
John Mills
Whether you run the sound for a house of worship, music club, touring artist or outdoor venue, you've probably encountered situations where your system wasn't performing to your expectations. Luckily, there are often subtle adjustments you can make that are cheap and easy to deal with, though not obvious. In this session, John Mills will lay out some of the most common fixes that will save you time, money and hair.

5 P.M.
Solving 'The Sound Problem' at Your House Of Worship
Doug Doppler (moderator), John Mills, Kent Morris and Brett Armstrong
The advances in digital technology and the silent stage have done much to improve the experience for worship musicians, sound techs and congregations. Still, these changes have created a new set of growing pains for worship and tech teams. This TEC Tracks panel of trusted worship musicians, FOH engineers and church pro-audio installers will bring you up to speed on state-of-the-art sound systems, discuss solutions to common problems and answer your questions.

6– 9 P.M.
NAMM Top 100 Dealer Awards
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
The Top 100 Dealer Awards spotlights the industry's very best music product retailers and shares their strategies for success. In addition to choosing the Top 100 Dealers, an independent panel of judges also picks winners in seven "Best of" categories, from which the prestigious "Dealer of the Year" is selected.


8:30– 9:30 A.M.
Best In Show
Frank Alkyer, Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines and panel
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Don't miss out on your big best-seller for the holidays — and beyond! Saturday morning closes with "Best In Show," a fast-moving roundup of the biggest products, services and technologies at Summer NAMM. Moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, this NAMM U Breakfast Session features a panel of gear experts who've shopped the far corners of the show floor to bring you their top picks. Discover the new products everyone will be talking about, and as a bonus, expect demos, previews and discussions about why these products matter to you. Exhibitors, take note: You'll want to be there, too. You might just be a "Best In Show" winner. (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first-served basis from 8– 8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
How To Prepare Your Music for Pitching
Josh Young, Atrium Music
How can you best prepare your music, your legal and your approach for pitching? A first impression is critical, so how do you make your music stand out? In this session, you'll hear from Josh Young, CEO of Atrium Music and an Emmy-nominated editor, whose firm receives more than 20,000 music submissions per year. He'll reveal what makes him and his associates pick the artists and composers they sign. Find out how artists get their attention and also what music gets the most placements.

A3E Opening Presentation: Game-changing Gadgets and Apps for Musicians
A3E opens the day with a look at some new products that will change the way you write and perform. From iOS loopers to sampling sustain pedals to Bluetooth metronome watches, the morning kicks off with must-see products that range from entry-level to high-end.

11 A.M.
DIY Tips for Marketing and Social Media Success (Double Session)
Laura B. Whitmore, Mad Sun Marketing (moderator) and panel
The promotional landscape for musicians changes daily. So, if you're an artist, songwriter or in the music business, what can you do now to get the word out? Laura B. Whitmore, of Mad Sun Marketing, will host this panel discussion with the industry's top marketing and PR minds. They'll weigh in on what works and what doesn't, so come prepared to take notes and get actionable ideas.

The Future Musician: The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence
Would you like to learn a new style of music, score a soundtrack and write a hit song — all in one afternoon? Machine learning technology already is capable of driving a car, mastering a video game overnight and even developing new languages to communicate. As time and technology progress, the process of human learning likely will evolve from traditional methods of study to instantaneous data retrieval from the cloud to the mind. A3E invites a panel of experts to explore the incredibly real subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning for music.

12 P.M.
Success Secrets for Independent Songwriters and Artists (Double Session)
Thornton Cline, Bryce Hitchcock, Brenda Best and Trammell Starks
You don't have to wait years for commercial success as a songwriter or artist. You can create amazing opportunities for yourself by using nontraditional, unconventional avenues. Here, award-winning songwriters Thornton Cline and Bryce Hitchcock will lead a panel of acclaimed songwriters, artists and producers, including Brenda Best and Trammell Starks. They'll reveal how they've created their own successes through bypassing traditional channels. Get their insider tips, wisdom and big ideas.

The Other Nashville Society: A3E Explores the Future Sounds of Music City
With almost 100 people moving to Nashville every day, it's no surprise that the style and sound of Music City rapidly is diversifying. A3E invites The Other Nashville Society to Summer NAMM to discuss the future of the world's most iconic music scene. Meet the organizers and the artists who are exploring new styles of production, and find out how they're paving the way for the next generation of Nashville's esteemed heritage in music.

1 P.M.
'Pensado's Place' Live at Summer NAMM (Double Session)
Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, Pensado's Place (hosts), and special guests
In a first for Summer NAMM, Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick will take their hit web show, "Pensado’s Place," to the NAMM Idea Center stage! Join this industry power duo for a live discussion with recording legends that you won't hear anyplace else.

The Future of Production in Nashville: An Indie Rock Masterclass
Last year, Sheryl Crow's production team packed the A3E chairs for a complete breakdown of the production techniques behind her latest album "Be Myself." This year, A3E explores the indie-rock production of another big artist. Join the artist's production team for a deep dive into how the album was made, from songwriting, to programming, to live recording, to final masters.

2 P.M.
How to Build a Fan Base in the New Music Industry (Double Session)
Ari Herstand, acclaimed singer-songwriter, author and music industry blogger (moderator); Andrew Leib, Red Light Management; and Hunter Scott, LaFamous PR
In today's digital age, with people's attention spans shrinking, making an impact and capturing potential fans' attention in an effective and efficient way is a must. This panel, moderated by music industry thought leader Ari Herstand, will explore how to create a compelling story and get media attention.

Developing Creative Software for the Social Media Era Musician
In recent years, preloaded music software, like Garage Band and Stagelight, have become no-cost recording platforms that provide young musicians with a functional digital audio workstation, with all of the basic music creation tools and effects necessary to make very good recordings. The leaders in music production software are tasked with developing products that provide an intuitive creative experience for people with little to no training in audio engineering or studio production. This developer-focused session will discuss best practices for designing software that caters to the self-taught producer, while maintaining a high standard of excellence for your brand.

3 P.M.
Essential Tips for Getting Endorsed and Sponsored (Double Session)
Chandra Lynn, Glow Marketing (moderator) and panel
You want endorsements and sponsorships but don't know where to start. Who do you go to, and what do you prepare? If this sounds familiar, you'll want to be at this insightful panel with top industry minds, hosted by Chandra Lynn, of Glow Marketing. Hear directly from artist relations professionals about what they look for when signing new endorsees and sponsors.

The Future of the Frets: Guitar for the Next Generation of Musicians
Technology has changed the creative and social habits of young musicians in ways that even Leo Fender or Paul Bigsby never could have predicted. Mobile and desktop music apps, online lessons, gaming, cloud connectivity, MIDI and USB connection are design essentials that did not exist when pop culture's most iconic music instrument was developed. This A3E session explores the latest innovations and trends that will continue to inspire young guitarists.

3– 7 P.M.
Vintage King Gear and Beer Summit
Vintage King, 2826 Dogwood Place
The Nashville-based location of the pro-audio outfitter has lined up an exciting afternoon, including a conversation with Grammy award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Alanis Morissette). Warren Huart will lead a "Produce Like A Pro" panel featuring Jeff Balding (Taylor Swift, Eagles), Ryan Freeland (Bonnie Raitt, Ray LaMontagne), Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers), Kim Rosen (Dashboard Confessional, Franz Ferdinand) and F. Reid Shippen (Dierks Bentley, Eric Church). The Vintage King Nashville showroom will be open.

5– 7 P.M.
Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night
3rd and Lindsley, 816 3rd Ave S.
Featuring Tommy Emmanuel, Jack Pearson, Keith Medley, Thom Bresh, Rory Hoffman, Muriel Anderson, plus surprise guests! Tickets are $17.50 in advance or $20.00 at the door; proceeds will benefit the Music for Life Alliance. The event is supported by GHS Strings, Sam Ash Music, Yamaha Guitars and ToneWoodAmp.