Yamaha Guitar Group Acquires Ampeg

Yamaha Guitar Group, the newly formed U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based Yamaha Corporation, has acquired the Ampeg brand from Loud Audio.

"We couldn't be more excited," said Marcus Ryle, co-president of Yamaha Guitar Group. "Ampeg is arguably the most recognized bass amp brand in the world. They can even be credited with having invented the first bass amp. We are honored to take the baton in continuance of that legacy."

"There is enormous respect for Ampeg within Yamaha," added Shoji Mita, Yamaha Guitar Group co-president. "Both Yamaha and Ampeg have histories in the guitar market that stretch back over 70 years, so we see the two brands as great companions for one another. We intend to maintain the outstanding quality and commitment to tone that the Ampeg brand has long-exemplified."

According to company representatives, Loud Audio and Yamaha are working to ensure a smooth transition for all customers, dealers and distributors.

"We are enjoying the opportunity to work so closely with Yamaha Guitar Group on this hand-off," said Alex Nelson, president and managing director of Music Gear brands at Loud Audio. "Ampeg is loved and respected by both customers and by our Loud employees, so we are happy to see it move into the hands of a company like Yamaha. We are confident that we have found Ampeg the best possible home."

Ampeg operations will be headquartered in Calabasas, California, at the Yamaha Guitar Group offices.