From left, Cosmo Music's Rudi Brouwers, Jerry Hunt and Mark Hebert accept the Milestone Award from NAMM President and CEO, Joe Lamond.

Cosmo Music Receives NAMM Milestone Award

Canada-based Cosmo Music received the 2018 NAMM Milestone Award for 50 years of service in the MI industry.

"On behalf of all NAMM member companies, it is truly an honor to recognize Cosmo Music for their 50 years in service to both the music products industry and to their community," said president and CEO of NAMM Joe Lamond. "Cosmo Music has demonstrated the perseverance and passion to stand the test of time, inspire countless others and create a more musical world for the benefit of all."

"We're absolutely thrilled to be honored at NAMM 2018," said Mark Hebert, owner of Cosmo Music, in a statement. "Fifty years is a huge milestone for us. We couldn't have imagined coming this far without our industry friends, suppliers and customers! Thank you all!"

The Milestone Award annually recognizes music businesses that have flourished through changing business environments to reach a noteworthy anniversary.