MI Dealers
Sponsor Directors
for Midwest Clinic

School music dealers sponsored local music directors to attend The Midwest Clinic held Dec. 20-23, 2017, in Chicago.

Each of the recipients had their participation in The Midwest Clinic sponsored by regional NASMD members. As part of the fellowship, the selected directors attended the Clinic and returned home to share that knowledge with colleagues, administrators and students, while acting as regional ambassadors for the Clinic.

Fellows submit a post-conference summary to The Midwest Clinic and later present a session summarizing their experience to hometown colleagues at a future event.

The eight fellows and their sponsoring NASMD members were:

- Jill Almoney, Penn Manor School District, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Sponsored by Menchey Music Service).
- Elizabeth Fortune, Washington Middle School, Seattle (Sponsored by Ted Brown Music).
- Jerry Huffer, Muskogee Public Schools, Muskogee, Oklahoma (Sponsored by Saied Music Company).
- Anneliese Land, Lakeland Middle Preparatory School, Lakeland, Tennessee (Sponsored by Amro Music).
- Adam Loudin, Robert L. Bland Middle School, Weston, West Virginia (Sponsored by Bandland).
- Jeremy Martin, Stonecreek Jr. High School, Bakersfield, California (Sponsored by Nick Rail Music).
- Amy Stutznegger, Fort Herriman Middle School, Utah (Sponsored by Summerhays Music).
- Nora Tycast, Spring Lake Park Public Schools, Minnesota (Sponsored by Schmitt Music).

The 72nd Annual Conference will be held Dec. 19-22, 2018.