D'Addario Forms European Distribution Group

D'Addario has announced the formation of D'Addario Europe Ltd., created in an effort to maintain greater consistency and control of its brand portfolio in Europe.

Through regional sales and marketing offices based in Germany and France, the company's goal is to deliver customer service and sales and marketing initiatives in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria as well as in Germany and France. The head office and logistics operations will be based in Newcastle, United Kingdom. This distribution strategy, set to launch in 2018, was born out of the need to consolidate sales and marketing efforts in each target market under D'Addario control.

The company will be headed by Simon Turnbull, managing director of D'Addario U.K., along with his management team of Martin Reichhart (European sales manager), Matt Hickman (European marketing manager), and Steve Paul (European finance manager) at the head office in Newcastle.

"We're very excited by the creation of D'Addario Europe, and we look forward to advancing our brands in these extremely vital markets," said John D'Addario, III, president. "Our family began string making in Europe, so it's personally meaningful to return to Europe with the promise of building more direct relationships with this historic and vibrant music community."