Margaret Williamina Zildjian "Willi" (1929-2017)


Margaret Zildjian Dies

Margaret "Willi" Zildjian, the lifelong partner of Sabian's founder and leader, passed away on Feb. 14.

The company released the following tribute:

"It is with deep, deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Margaret 'Willi' Zildjian, the lifelong partner of our legendary founder and leader, RZ. Willi chose early morning Valentine's Day to rejoin Bob, peacefully passing away in her sleep.

"Along with Bob, Willi was a tireless and dynamic force within the percussion industry, inspiring each of us in her beloved Sabian family to work harder, to reach farther and to make a difference.

"We mourn Willi's passing, and we will miss her for a long time to come. But we are better people for having known her and we are richer for having worked alongside her. We draw comfort from the knowledge that her spirit will live on in the music made by artists the world over. Rest in peace, Willi."