Paiste's Principal Passes Away

Robert Paiste, cymbal maker and company principal of Paiste, has died. He was 84.

Paiste was born in Estonia. Disruptions during the mid 20th century brought the family through Poland to Northern Germany, where in the late 1940s he joined his father Michail in cymbal and gong making.

He moved to Switzerland in 1957 to found the company's new and present home base. Paiste went on to lead the organization together with his brother Toomas throughout the second half of the 20th century. Together, on the foundation of their father's and grandfather's work, they built a cymbal company of worldwide significance.

Robert's life-long focus was the development and production of cymbals and gongs. He established the benchmarks for quality, fidelity and consistency that are the hallmarks of Paiste today.

Along the way, Robert's work led to numerous innovations, inventions and patents, and among his many accomplishments, the Formula 602, the 2002, and the Signature Series continue to stand out in the cymbal world.

The company released a statement on Nov. 17 regarding Paiste's passing stating that "In the four generations of family members to guide the company, Robert was a foremost presence. His contribution was of immense importance, and he shaped Paiste in major ways."