KMC Adds Three Audio Brands

KMC Music has been appointed by Ashly Audio, Audix and Ultimate Accessories to serve as their United States distribution partner. According to KMC Music Vice President of Merchandising Roger Hart, all three appointments are effective without delay.

"Product is in our warehouse and we are ready to immediately fulfill orders we receive," Hart said. "The addition of these three in-demand product lines to our growing portfolio of Pro Audio brands means that we can meet a growing customer demand for a wider variety of offerings from more industry leaders."

The Ashly Audio products now distributed by KMC Music consist of the company's entire line of rack mixers and analog signal processing products in addition to digital mixers. The Audix products include the company's whole line of instrument and vocal microphones, as well as accessories. The Ultimate Acoustics products represent the company's complete line of acoustical room treatment products— including wall panels, absorption panels, bass traps, foam edging, studio bundles, ultimate isolators and diffusors.