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Summer NAMM to See 27 Percent Jump In Pro-Audio Brands

NAMM has reported the number of pro-audio exhibitors at Summer NAMM Show are up 27 percent over last year, in part reflecting growing sales of user-friendly recording gear including microphones, plug-in software, controllers and mixers.

"Recording is way more plug-and-play and affordable than it's ever been," said John Grabowski, senior director of merchandising at Sweetwater, in a NAMM release. "Whether they're recording on a home computer, laptop, iPad, or even a smartphone, it's just everywhere. The more they record, the more they want the gear that will help them make better recordings. Many of them set up home studios, but I also see plenty of portable recording setups – 'backpack studios.'"

The growth in DIY recording gear parallels the ongoing boom in music sharing via platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. In turn, the potential to share music with large audiences creates excitement around home recording.

"People are energized or inspired to make music and now they want to move up the quality and what they can do with it," said Full Compass Systems' Kevin Peckham. "It means a lot more people making music, and that's a good thing."