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GC Buys Assets of West L.A. Music, Opens New Stores

In late July, Guitar Center acquired the assets of West L.A. Music. Following the acquisition, the longtime Los Angeles retailer closed on Aug. 4. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Gene Joly, executive vice president of stores for Guitar Center, GC only purchased West L.A.’s inventory, not its buildings. GC also hired a handful of West L.A.’s former employees. Company owner Don Griffin, who owns West L.A.’s facilities, is in the process of leasing them out to other businesses.

“West L.A. Music has been the main competitor for Guitar Center in the L.A. market for a long time and is deeply rooted in the community here,” Joly said. “It was a very respected competitor.”

West L.A. Music served the Los Angeles market for 46 years.

GC also rolled out three new stores this summer in Danbury, Conn.; San Mateo, Calif.; and Braintree, Mass. All three locations feature Guitar Center Studios, the company’s in-house music lessons facilities, and GC Garage, an on-site guitar repair service.

Additionally, the chain retailer recently announced plans to open a new Boston store this fall, located right around the corner from Berklee College of Music. GC has leased a former Daddy’s Junky Music storefront, which features 6,300 square feet in space. The store will specialize in accessories. Berklee alum and former Daddy’s Junky Music General Manager Hirsh Gardner has been hired as project manager for the initiative.

“We are excited to move into the heart of the Berklee College of Music campus and near other fine institutions, such as New England Conservatory and Boston Conservatory,” Joly said. “We look forward to serving such a world-class music community. As a Berklee College of Music alum and former member of the board of trustees, I have a feel for the specialized needs of modern music students and faculty.”