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Sweetwater Plans to Expand Headquarters, Workforce

Sweetwater Sound recently announced plans to expand its Fort Wayne, Ind., headquarters. The company will invest $23.6 million to add 110,000 square feet to its current facility. Additionally, Sweetwater will add more than 315 full-time positions to its existing workforce of 413 during the next four years, along with a number of ancillary jobs related to Sweetwater's partners, vendors, contractors, and restaurant and music school staffs.

"Thanks to the great work of the Economic Development Alliance, Sweetwater will be able to continue to create jobs and grow in Fort Wayne," said Sweetwater founder and President Chuck Surack.

The expansion lets the company enhance its headquarters' campus and maintain fully integrated operations. The initiative will include 35,000 square feet of additional warehouse space, with the remaining 75,000 square feet devoted to marketing and sales staff, plus additional conference and training space.

Sweetwater was offered an incentive package of $7.1 million spread over 10 years from the state of Indiana, Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, which will be available based on Sweetwater meeting annual benchmarks, including job creation.

"Sweetwater Sound epitomizes what makes Fort Wayne a community built for success: hard work, innovation, talented people, great service and a commitment to constant reinvestment," said Tom Henry, mayor of Fort Wayne. "When it comes to making our community and our region attractive to the good jobs, talented workers and business investment that we need to thrive, Sweetwater is a company to emulate. They are a true hometown winner."